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Frequently Asked Questions

HP48 Series Compilation FAQs

A compilation of the most asked questions for the Hewlett Packard 48 Series of graphing calculators can be downloaded here:

Download HP48 Series FAQs here (~0.5 MB)...

HP50G Calculator FAQs

A quick and fast reference can be found here:

Click here for HP50G Quickies... 

HP48 to USB Cable FAQs
  1. Q:  Will the USB cable work with all HP48 versions?

    A:  The HP48 to USB cable will work with the HP48s, HP48sx, HP48g, HP48g+, and HP48gx only. 

  2. Q:  What operating systems are supported?

      Microsoft Windows is supported.  Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

  3. Q:  Do I need to install windows drivers?

      Yes, the windows drivers are inlcuded in the DVD provided free of charge.

  4. Q:  What is included in the DVD?

      The DVD is provided free with the purchase of the USB cable and it is a compilation of HP calculators' software, manuals, guides.  Additionally, the DVD comes with setup guide and tutorial on how to use the HP48 to USB Cable.

  5. Q:  What do I need to use the HP48 to USB Cable?

     You will need an unused USB port and a DVD-ROM reader to install software and drivers (most computer already come equipped with this).


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