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myTeknovo has been online for some years now and we have served many happy costumers that have purchased one or some of the products we sell. As an online e-Store we have in mind that in order to strive, we have to deliver. Our current and prospective customers will see that doing business with us is as secure as it gets.

Our product concentration mainly revolves around customized designs that may not be available anywhere else. In the last few years, we have dedicated our attention to Custom Made Electronic KITs (eKITs). You will be able to find many of the eKITs we sell from our online eStore (whether from eBay, Bonanza, and some at our eCrater store). Additionally, we have also been providing some Compatible Accessories for HP Graphing Calculators such as Compatible Leather Cases, Pouches and Computer Data Cables.

In regards to the Computer Data Cables we provide are those for the Legacy HP 48 Series of Graphing Calculators (HP 48GX, HP 48G+, HP 48G, HP 48SX and HP 48S). Also, the HP 50G (HP50G) has been as well a focus of our attention. Over the years, we have provided many compatible accessories for the HP50G (including but not limited to; a Compatible Leather Case, HP USB Cable and a Classic Soft Pouch for the HP50G).

Some of the Compatible Accessories we have provided for the HP50G/HP48G are also applicable to the new and improved HP PRIME Graphing Calculator. In addition, from our e-Store, you will find some Accessories for the HP PRIME (Screen Protector, HP Prime USB Cable and the Classic Soft Pouch). Furthermore, we also provided some Compatible Accessories for the HP12C (HP 12C, HP 12CP, HP 15C…).

Finally, our attention is also concentrated at giving After-Sale support. If for any reason, you have questions after you have received your order, please do not hesitate to ask and contact us (please visit the Contact Us Page for more info), thank you.

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